To The Shore – Capabilities

Oceans Fleet’s production capabilities allow us to produce over 5 million pounds of fresh sea scallops each year. Recognized as the largest producer of “Fresh” North Atlantic Sea Scallops in the USA, our fresh sea scallop production accounts for approximately 90% of our annual volume.

Our hand grading and hand selecting greatly reduces the amount of “chunks & pieces” that would lower your yield and value of your purchase. True counts and accurate weights have been the “Oceans Fleet Signature” for our customers!

Our IQF facility follows the same standards as our fresh facility. Each scallop is hand graded and hand selected prior to the freezing process to ensure consistency and quality.

Each package of our frozen IQF sea scallops is weighed with a +.4 tolerance for the glazing weight of the scallops. True counts, true weights in every bag!

Local Fishermen aboard F/V Ocean Leader

Working with local fisherman…

Oceans Fleet supports and works with local fishermen who harvest scallops on a daily basis. Our “Great Point Nantucket Bay Scallops”, available from November to April, are considered one of the sweetest & tender scallops in the world!


Swordfish & tuna inspection and grading…

All of our fresh swordfish and tuna are inspected and graded by our whole fish director. Every buyer is informed of the grade prior to ship to ensure that our standards are met before the product is shipped to you!

Fresh Live Lobster

Harvesting lobster & crab and preserving our quality product in our fully-monitored, salt-water pool capable of housing 40,000 pounds!

Our “Off Shore” lobster boats land thousands of the best lobsters in the ocean! The Northeast Lobster is the preferred lobster all over the world. Hard shell, deep-water lobsters have the most flavor, meat to carcass ratio and have the lowest mortality rate when shipped properly to fine restaurants and retail markets around the world. Direct from our own fleet of lobster boats, to our own facility for proper handling and shipped to you! Traceable and Delicious!


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