Located in the most valuable & historic seaport in the USA, New Bedford, Massachusetts, OceansFleet Fisheries began as a single fishing vessel owned and captained by Lars Vinjerud II in the 1980’s.

Lars Vinjerud II - F/V Leader, Circa 1991
Harvesting and wholesaling the native catch of the North Atlantic over the next 3 decades as Fleet Fisheries, Lars grew the company into a modern fleet of 20+ boats. From these scallopers, lobster boats and long-liners the catch is processed shore side at a modern, state-of-the-art facility.

In 2011, Fleet Fisheries merged with Oceans Alive Scallops, a recognized leader in the processing of Fresh North Atlantic Sea Scallops. Top chefs from around the globe asked for the scallops by the name in their distinctive blue can.

Oceans Fleet scallops were served in the season 5 finale of Top Chef program on the Bravo Network. Chef Hosea Rosenberg won the competition and as they say the rest is history.

Today, OceansFleet Fisheries has become one of the very few vertically integrated seafood companies in the nation. Providing traceability to the vessel and managing the harvest for sustainability and availability year round, Oceans Fleet has grown both nationally and globally.

PHOTO CAPTION: OceansFleet’s CEO Lars Vinjerud II can be seen fishing / captaining on F/V Leader back in 1991. We take pride in our long fishing history, seafood experience & knowledge.