Oceans Fleet shore side facilities are all located in historic New Bedford, Massachusetts. Located directly on the New Bedford harbor, we unload our fleet at our own receiving facility where our initial inspection process begins.

Our shore management team inspects our catch for wholesomeness, size, and weight.  Once the catch is graded and loaded onto icepack storage containers they make their way to our production facilities.

Our two (2) facilities, include a 20,000 square foot Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) plant and our main 45,000 square foot fresh processing plant, are state of the art! We employ over 60 highly trained production associates between both facilities. The main facility also contains over 25,000 square feet of cooler space and a 40,000 lb. capacity lobster pool.


Newly added, we a state-of-the-art live drip system where we can house an additional 60,000 lbs. of live lobster and crab! This system allow us to keep live product longer in our inventory, decrease mortality, filter the water the lobsters & crabs live in better and inventory our product easier. Furthermore, with the addition of a new piece of equipment, we are able to grade lobsters and crabs at a much more rapid pace than we were able to when doing it manually by hand, which also helps to decrease mortality rates.

You can rest assured that all of our seafood is the best quality that you will find anywhere and harvested with hard work and a long-time pride for providing excellent product to our customers!

As you would expect, our facilities are HACCP compliant, Grade A Certified, TSA Certified and MSC Certified.