Fleet Fisheries prides itself in being purveyors of fine, quality seafood and has been dealing in the seafood industry for decades now. With all of this experience, we understand how important it is to keep our industry sustainable for generations to come.

Fleet Fisheries works with and is in complete cooperation with NOAA / National Marine Fisheries Service in its goals to maintain the natural resources of the beautiful & bountiful oceans.

The sustainability of the North Atlantic Sea Scallop is critical to the livelihood of thousands of fisherman and shore businesses. Since 2001 the scallop industry has been considered a recovered fisheries after almost being depleted by over fishing in the 1980s and 1990s.

Similar guidelines and regulations apply to our lobster, crab, swordfish, tuna and other fisheries' vessels as well put forth by the same organizations making all of the great, quality seafood that Fleet Fisheries provides to ours customers a very sustainable industry!

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QUICK FACT: The scientific name for Atlantic Sea Scallops is 'Placopecten magellanicus'